Body-Solid Olympic bars, athlete power

by Bodysolid

OLBAR150 – 180 – 220


Black or chrome olympic bars in different sizes. These balanced bars can be used for private and commercial use. Available in sizes:

150 cm
180 cm
220 cm


Body-Solid multi-grip bar OMG86


Known as the Swiss bar due to the parallel grips, these bars offer an efficient training for chest, shoulders and triceps. Three grip sizes allow for extra variation in workouts. Also ideal for athletes with shoulder problems and those who recover from muscle injuries.

Massive steel construction with double welding seams make sure these bars can hold up to 250 kg. Perfect for Bench Press, Military Press, Hammer Curls, Triceps Extensions and so much more. Combined with weight chains there are extra possibilities. Compatible with most power racks and olympic weights with a loadsize of 42,5 cm.

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